How I am Different

My vision of success is to find companies that can best use open source ERP and help them deliver a discontinuous increase in profitability. It is my desire that the members of the ERP Academy believe:

"I cannot imagine a world without Chuck Boecking and ERP Academy. There is no faster way to learn, configure and audit open source ERP for a successful go-live."

Everything I do goes to support this goal!!

What Community Members Say

Bret Stern - Machine Management

About four years ago, iDempiere caught my eye. I ended up on his Academy website, so I called him. Though I wasn't a member, Chuck spent extensive time over a couple year period discussing the iDempiere ERP project in general and how it might handle situations differently than other ERP systems.

Chuck has had the benefit of being a hands on master user of ERP systems, in all modules; accounting, inventory, shipping, purchasing, sales..there are no holes in his understanding. I wonder sometimes how he's mastered so many aspects of ERP and had the time to excel in servers, network, security and coding.

I first signed up three years, ago, but couldn't find the time needed to learn IDempiere, so I suspended my subscription. A couple months ago, I realized it was time to commit my energy to learning iDempiere. There is no other place to learn about iDempiere ERP, Accounting, Inventory and associated topics.

The academy is organized for success. The video library is priceless. Explanations of every topic is rampant with options in usage, with real world examples of how and why to configure in a way to suit your needs.

The open discussions are exactly as described, ERP discussion and usage. With Zoom the open discussions provide screen sharing and recorded sessions for later reference.

He has a contagious enthusiasm, you'll want more of every step of the way. I can't say enough.

Brian – Startup Founder (Zimbabwe)

The ERP Academy is hands down the best source of information for the basics to the deep technical details of setting up, using and administering iDempiere. From the video repository containing hundreds of tutorials to the weekly meetings and forum support, Chuck delivers a depth of knowledge for startups like ours and seasoned implementors alike. I would highly recommend anyone starting their opensource ERP journey or wanting to enhance their knowledge of iDempiere to check out the ERP Academy.

Dmitry - Startup Founder

Chuck's ERP Academy is the best single resource out there for iDempiere. His recordings will answer most questions that crop up during your implementation journey, and they will serve as a bedrock to your iDempiere studies. His weekly meetings will fill in the remaining gaps through his willingness to help. On the back of extensive system knowledge and experience he will provide the much needed pointers to help you with your specific needs.

Johand Henriques / IT Consultant

We are still on our way to implement iDempiere at the moment. Before we started the coursework with Chuck Boecking's program, we were having difficulties trying to achieve our Go-Live requirements. As soon as we started talking with Chuck, help came as fast as we can read and view all the info posted on the coursework. Above all, he supports a large Google Groups community where he answers any other topic.

We had no clue about the iDempiere "Way of thinking". The open discussions (about 4 times a week) allow you to discuss your problems or questions. You also get to learn from other people's challenges. Not all Implementations are the same, not all companies run their business the same, and not all Countries work the same way. Chuck manages to help people, and he somehow learns about other industries' and countries' business rules. All of this is represents a Win-Win relationship which is great, and we think it's wonderful.

Chuck's iDempiere & ADempiere knowledge is huge. He goes from being the deep inside programmer, Infrastructure advisor to the fully functional consultant that knows all processes and configurations needed to implement this ERP.

We are really happy that we are working with Chuck side-by-side, and we hope to keep on learning even when we get to be fully functional.

Keep up the good work you're doing Chuck, and thanks for helping back the community of iDempiere...

Florian, Dieburg / Germany

As all companies, we need to have a good ERP System. We are a supplier producing plastic injection parts, as well as lathing, chipping and grinding for prototypes, in the Automotive Sector in Germany for more than 30 years.

1: Idempiere is Open Source and compatible thru Eclipse, Buckminster, Maven or Jenkins
2: OSGI provides a powerful API for doing Process, Callout and so forth without having to touch the Core
3: You can customize LOTS of things using as SystemUser ,


Well, I started with iDempiere in 2017, all alone, but more than 20 hours on average per week. Understanding the concepts inside iDempiere turned out to be a severe issue:

1: because inside the Open iDempiere Google Group quite often I had to wait for days for the answer, but I wanted to process of course all the time,
2: and the leak of somebody to ask questions personally .

So finally we decided to go to Chuck's Academy. My Learning Curve from that day of course saved us so much time and made me capable of dealing with quite a range of issues! Avoiding lots of future problems, and getting me safe down to the earth.

Chuck was answering my questions precisely and quickly, so that for the first time I could not even do programming / customization fast enough to process all the Key Knowledge he provided me in the Online meetings beforehand!

Oh, and hes a very sympathetic guy, too!

Oh oh, and his Online Platform was great, too!

Keshav Gaddhyan, University of Hong Kong

I am a student at the University of Hong Kong. I was working on iDempiere and was struggling to implement some of iDempiere’s functions when I came across Chuck Boecking’s blog. He is extremely polite and a very helpful guy. Inspire of not knowing me, he helped me through all my doubts and problems. What he’s doing is a commendable job. I am extremely thankful to him for his support.

Krishna Kamisetti, ERP Integrator at K-Tube Technologies

Chuck Boecking made my path.

I stared my career few years ago as java developer and I worked on different platforms but our company is heading up with a new application called iDempiere. Even though I know many applications in java, I could not go ahead with iDempiere then I came to know that Chuck can help me from scratch to learn overall workflow and customizing the application. I came to know how easily I can expand its functions while maintaining this application.

Chuck helped me with great success in my career and I enhanced my skills on iDempiere. I highly recommend Chuck who are looking to establish their career on iDempiere.

I like ERP Academy much. This is the best place from where the beginners can start. That will give an idea about what iDempiere is and how to customize it. This portal will make any guy from zero to hero on iDempiere. For every question on iDempiere, the one and only answer I know is CHUCK so I never miss his open discussion meetings on every Tuesday and Thursday.

I thanks chuck for this program as they helped me to build my confidence.

Steve, CEO, Banda Health (501c3)

Our core business revolves around bringing the power of iDempiere to end users in low-resource settings. Chuck has been invaluable in helping us quickly and cost-effectively get a working understanding of iDempiere that is tailored to our current needs, both through his well-organized ERP academy and through his individual team-teaching sessions. He has an unusual ability to distill down the breadth of his knowledge and give us focused learning on just what we need to know. Working with Chuck is the key to getting up and running with iDempiere as quickly as possible.

Benjamin –ERP Administrator

Chuck Boecking and his ERP academy is an essential tool when using iDempiere. It is rare to find true support for a product that is both responsive and informative. Chuck truly seeks to provide not only an answer but a solution to your questions, looking at the need behind the question and not just the question itself with open lines of communication for a dialogue. There is also a wealth of knowledge in the videos and group forum which can be searched for previously asked related questions which I have found very useful too.

I have used the ERP academy for 6 months now and the level of support and contact has not wavered. Although always dealing directly with Chuck and his extensive knowledge and experience, there is a response within 12 hours of your mail to him. If he does not know the answer he investigates it further and responds to you. The ERP academy also provides a network of users with a broad range of backgrounds and experience who are also willing and eager to assist with their experience on the system and solutions they have implemented.

If you are considering an ERP, they are too intricate to go alone and must have support. iDempiere provides the software solution that will meet your needs at a price you can afford. Chuck Boecking provides all the support that you need from front end processing, to system configuration, to back end code enhancement with patience and clarity.

Joseph –co-founder of Avishi Organics LLC

We are a small organic skin care line who heavily relies on contract manufacturing to produce our products. We were faced with the challenge of being too small to warrant a full ERP system but complex enough that Quickbooks or MYOB just wasn’t cutting it. We straight away ruled out Compiere, ADempiere, iDempiere and the like for their perceived complexity. We decided to move forward and test Odoo, due to its simplicity. While testing, we realized that we would need the ODOO commercial version and even then it fell short of many features that we required. So we went back to the drawing board and this time engaged Chuck Boecking for support.

Engaging Chuck Boecking was the single most important decision we made in in this respect. His online tutorial helped demystify iDempiere and provided valuable knowledge on many different operational aspects (accounting, material management, procurement, IT etc..). Furthermore, via the open discussion he holds twice weekly, he helped us identify the appropriate processes and configure iDempiere to implement those processes. His knowledge of ERP and iDempiere/ADempiere is second to none and his enthusiasm to share it is quite refreshing. I could not recommend Chuck more as a guide to the world of open source ERP.

Saurabh - Partner at BMK Solutions, LLC.

I was searching for a business idea for small businesses who are seeking for a lowest cost and built out ERP system for their organization. iDempiere was on the bottom of my list until I came across Chuck's Academy. I truly believe when you pair Chuck's knowledge-base backed by the community and his expertise it makes presenting iDempiere to my clients more powerful. Having been part of the academy for sometime now, I continue to learn from him and others in the community. What's even better, the community input is helping design and upgrade iDempiere's capabilities weekly! In conclusion, Chuck Boecking is delivering valuable ERP functionality which he compliments with real industry examples. Excellent Knowledge-base! (10/10)

Fr Jeremy Krieg – CEO/CTO, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia - Greek Welfare Centre of St Philothei

In my brief time at the ERP Academy, I have found Chuck to be extremely polite, enthusiastic, accommodating and friendly, with a genuine desire to help people. When coupled with the breadth & depth of his knowledge of all aspects of iDempiere – all the way from high-level accounting practices to low-level database optimisation and systems administration – it makes for an experience which is as informative as it is enjoyable. The Academy has a wide range of useful videos on pre-determined topics. And most importantly, with Chuck, for those issues not covered by a video or where you might need a little bit of extra help comprehending, every question is a “great question” – no question is so trivial as to invite ridicule, and no question is too complex as to invite surrender. Countless times I have asked what must have seemed like relatively “simple” questions for someone of his experience, and I always received enthusiastic and informative answers. Though they may have been simple these answers saved me hours of time that I would have had to spend discovering them for myself (possibly wasted on dead-ends), and with the added confidence of knowing they had come from an experienced hand. He also provides a valuable service in bringing together integrators into a forum where they can share ideas, success stories and tales of woe. I look forward to learning more from the Academy in the coming months.

Nasi - Business Owner

Having been a member for a few weeks, I have yet to hear Chuck say something cannot be done. This sums up his approach to the ERP Academy. Combine the freedoms of open source iDempiere with the knowledge and teaching platform that Chuck provides and you have a sure way to a successful ERP implementation.

Our businesses are much smaller than most that would implement an ERP, but Chuck is as passionate as we are as we go through this process which provides a very large safety net when trying to learn the ins and outs of iDempiere. The open discussions are punctual and informative, with topics varying from the simple to the complex. There is a lot to learn, but at every obstacle Chuck guides you through them, arriving at your destination with a greater understanding of what freedoms are available to you.

All businesses are unique in their own right and should be encouraged to express their individualism. iDempiere provides the platform, Chuck shares the knowledge, you make it happen.

David - Systems Integrator

Having worked for many years as a Software Developer and Educator, I know that there are many different ways to structure a support and training business. Many professionals rely on the safety of a fixed ‘Time & materials’ hourly rate for the support that they provide – their only challenge is to ensure that they record sufficient chargeable hour ‘transactions’ to remain profitable.

When applied to an ERP project, it is difficult to know how many support ‘hours’ will be needed, as the tasks are not well known.

Joining Chuck’s ERP Academy forms a ‘partnership’ between your team and the Academy members. Here the focus is on the success of all members – regardless of the time or effort Chuck needs to spend to satisfy everyone’s needs.

It is natural to worry about the ‘size of the slice’ to ensure sufficient income. Chuck focuses on growing the ‘size of the pie’ as this ensures that everyone’s slice grows bigger!

The ERP Academy underpins the knowledge and expertise growth of its members through focused training videos and collaborative discussion – embodying the best contemporary eLearning principles. Chuck’s open and honest manner ensures that the information is always up to date. If information becomes dated – he updates it. If he is unsure about something – he finds out and records his learning to provide a new training resource. As the ERP software develops, Chuck ensures that his training resources keep pace with this development.

Open-Source software applications have revolutionized many Business solutions – particularly expensive ERP and Database systems.

Chuck’s unique approach has revolutionized Open-Source support.

Ralf - IT Consultant

iDempiere is an ERP where dreams come true. Open-Source. Free. Running in a browser. Scalable. Production-ready. Versatile. Awesome!

But the best thing about iDempiere is Chuck Boecking. If you want to learn iDempiere, there is no faster and more efficient way than Chuck’s ERP-Academy. All his video lessons are very systematic, comprehensive, clear and easy to understand. This is my favorite way to learn.

Four times a week, there is a live online meeting open discussion where iDempiere administrators all over the world ask questions and Chuck knows almost all the answers right ahead and gives great advice. Not only you see the wide spectrum of use cases, you will also learn a lot from on-hand solution scenarios presented in the meetings.

As a iDempiere newbie, I am very happy to have landed on chuckboecking.com.

Stefanie - Administrative Services Manager

As someone who has no background in ERP and is not very tech savvy, I was a little overwhelmed when I was first tasked with implementing iDempiere for our company, but Chuck and the ERP Academy have been a great resource to help me to get this project moving in the right direction. The ERP Academy is a great tool to help you understand the different areas of iDempiere and how the system can be used to fit your company's needs. The videos are clear and extremely helpful in each topic presented and Chuck is extremely knowledgeable in so many different areas of the program. I find the live open discussions extremely valuable as it provides an opportunity to discuss your questions or issues with Chuck and fellow ERP Academy members and allows you to work through real life scenarios in real time. Chuck is always willing to help you work through an issue or question and is extremely patient if you are struggling to grasp a concept. I highly recommend anyone considering implementing iDempiere or ADempiere to join Chuck's ERP Academy because it will make your decision that much easier knowing you have someone like Chuck to help you through the process.

Brian - Business Owner

Before I joined the ERP Academy a few months ago, I was a construction business owner with no prior knowledge or experience with ERP systems. The great thing about the academy is that I have learned a tremendous amount about not only ERP, but business operations and accounting too. I realize now more than ever that having a "system" is the only way to work ON your business instead of IN it. I am already using the system as an estimating tool with my own customization and at the same time, working on building the other parts of MY system. And I, of course, could not have done any of it without the help of Chuck and his team.

Honoré Tiako – Managing Director ISNOV SARL

The amazing chuck’s experience in the integration of business processes and the whole structure of the course helped my team and me a lot. I didn’t have time to join the live sessions, but I don’t think that I missed something due to the recorded videos. We were able to deploy and improve iDempiere by different customers, critical issues we faced have been solved mostly through the discussions in the Academy forum.

I really appreciate it and I’m sure without the whole content provided in the Academy, it will be very frustrating for us as integrator to learn iDempiere.

Rumman - Business Owner

Thank you so much for all your assistance and the wonderful way in which you led me to implement iDempiere in my organization. Not only did I learn about ERP's from you, I am also an admirer of the way you teach with passion and dedication. The learning on that front has been amazing too.

Jacob - Business Systems Analyst

I’ve recently signed up for your ERP Academy, and I just want to let you know that it has been an amazing experience so far. My company is evaluating several open source ERP solutions and so far iDempiere has been much easier to learn because of your training videos.

As I’m sure you are aware, many open source ERP solutions are lacking in training and proper documentation for the front end users. It was a nice change of pace to find such a well-structured, well-articulated training program such as yours. Thank you, and keep up the great work!

Christiono - ERP Integrator

Chuck has helped in many of our projects in iDempiere. Every time we hit a dead end, he's always ready with a great idea to keep our project back on track.

He's very honest, optimistic and enthusiastic in helping us solve our problems. His ways of teaching inspire us to explore iDempiere even more, which lead us to many more questions and build more interactions within the community.

Thank you for being our mentor. Looking forward to solve even more challenging problems in the future.

Mike - ERP Integrator

Thank you to you and the service you provide to Open Source ERP, and to the open source community as a whole. I found your web site several years ago while doing research on OpenERP and Compiere/ADempiere for a client. I appreciated your educational style and take on OS ERP. In my iDempiere/ADempiere opportunity I prototyped iDempiere vs Odoo for simple production – which went well. My client decided to go with Odoo since they had in-house python talent.

I had no idea of the depth of detail to which you go on the site! My client was impressed by your coverage (as was I). There is a dearth of public information on iDempiere and ADempiere (at least friendly, presentable, non-developer info), and your site puts so much in one spot. You need to find a way to allow visitors to see all that is there.

Gaurav - ERP Administrator

Chuck is well versed with the technical as well as functional knowledge of ERP Adempiere/iDempiere. The best thing about you is that you are always there to help even for the basic query. Apart from ERP your wide range of knowledge & style of explaining things easily makes you unique.

ERP academy is the one stop destination for Adempiere/iDempiere ERP learners. You have always been my mentor and source of motivation & also for many others in the class. I look forward to learning many more things in near future.

Michael – General Manager Business Processes and Systems

We are a large industrial organization with a clear vision to deploy open source ERP and we have evaluated a number of solutions. Where other solutions fell short, we succeeded with iDempiere thanks to Chuck’s ERP academy, a well-structured and comprehensive repository of video content, documentation and most importantly, custom tailored advise by Chuck himself. Chuck’s ERP academy is the ultimate one-stop shop for all your ERP needs which include ERP system administration, development and business processes amongst others.

When it comes to open source, publicly available system documentation is often scarce and the guidance provided in Chuck’s ERP Academy was indispensable for us in evaluating the system’s capabilities. Our company operates in a complex multi-national, multi-currency environment and Chuck has provided us with invaluable practical guidance on how to design solutions to meet our requirements.

Evaluating an ERP system is difficult and Chuck made it so much easier and less time-consuming for us. For anyone serious about evaluating, implementing or running an open source ERP, there is no way around Chuck’s ERP academy.

Thanks Chuck and keep up the great work!

Kevin - CIO

I've been in the class for some time now and can't stress enough how invaluable it has been to me and our organization.  Chuck's immense knowledge in many different realms provides a unique approach to ERP implementation and management.  Add to that Chuck's passion for educating and you've got a very unique package.

Although I'm not able to attend the live sessions as much as I'd like, they are very engaging.  Not only do you get to attend planned topics, but the open discussions can address YOUR immediate needs.  Speaking of value: time is money and having access to the group (Chuck and other seasoned operators/implementors) via the real-time discussions as well as mail lists is key to getting problems addressed quickly AND correctly.  This alone has saved us many thousands of $$$ in time and costs alone - which has more than offset the price of admission.

For anyone thinking of implementing an iDempiere or ADempiere application, you owe it to yourself and your organization to be a part of this course... and community!

Hans - ERP Manager

Chuck has ability to explain the complex environment of an ERP system. He does not only focus on technical aspects like database, java programming language or application server topics. Based on live discussion with students from all regions in the world, Chuck clarifies all the business relevant tasks and their relations. He has an absolutely strong background in accounting topics, which is the heart of every ERP system.

Beside the core ERP training, students can learn a lot about configuration, maintenance and customizing of ERP system and the surrounding satellite applications like WebStore, Document Management Systems, Middleware (SOAP, Message Queuing etc.).

Our ERP system (based on Adempiere 370) works now for 2 years with integration to WebStore and Production systems. Chuck plays an important role in optimization of the whole environment.

Kiera Campbell-Gillies - Web Manager

Einstein said, “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” I believe this is one of your greatest strengths.

You have an amazing ability to place someone into an environment, provide us with what we need to learn and coach us through, until we're ready to go solo. But you have another inherent ability that really makes this work. You have a perfect sense of timing.

You know exactly when to let go and how much to let go, and you do it seamlessly. You know how to draw out the natural ability in people and show them how to polish and enhance that ability.

Tim Gray - CEO

In my opinion, the thing that makes you unique, memorable and fun is the combination of your optimism, enthusiasm, lack of fear/willingness to take on hard/challenging tasks, interest in learning/growing and your sincerity.